Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I drove to school today. Don't know why I kept saying school instead of college. Haha. Sudah biasa kua. Back to driving, I would involve in an accident if not for Noel to sit beside me and guide me. Second time on the road nee. Terrible driver. Tsk tsk . =P

Today's class we all laughed til so hard. During English class. Haha. We have to make a role play as instructed by Miss Sheila. She laughed til very hard too. Everyone enjoyed it. Everyone participated. So fun!! Came back and go out again at 6. Gramma wanted to makan in gurney. So mom drove us there. Met Sin Yee with her friends. After makan went inside Gurney for a walk . Then headed home later. That's about today. Weather is so hot. =(

P.S : I-Lyn, I don't think I can drive u safely yet. In the moment. Wait til I REALLY pass xD

Monday, May 31, 2010

Updates, College, Life

Some updates here about me. =)

Just finished Study Skills this morning.. Luckily I checked my paper a few times before passing up or else I would loose a quarter of my marks. =(
So sorry for Ke Yi, she did not read the questions. Sigh. better luck next time =)

I love my new friends, new environment, new everything. But I also did not forget my old friends too. I miss I-Lyn, Tze Ni, Eunice, Pei Ying, Guat Phing, Jing, Carmen, Joanne and everyone. Miss u too Che =)

Did I mention I passed my driving test d? Haha. After second time. My tyres finally >50% on the stupid yellow line on the hill.
P.S: I-Lyn, please don't say that 'word' again. Hmm. And yes, gonna fetch u first! =P

On the 28th was my friend's Shu Yen's birthday. We( the whole class) plan a surprise for her. It's nothing big but at least there was cake! haha. The cake was somehow obscene. Looked like there's one long sausage there. Well the Chef must be running outta ideas to design the cake already. Haha . But we all had a good laugh. Oh Miss Sheila, my English teacher, ate a piece. Not to mention the sweetness she shared with Mr Ravi, my Lodging sir. =D
Today, Ke Yi brought strawberries to class. Yummy. My favourite! Hehe. So I ate most cos nobody wants d. =P
Her Ahem, aka Soon Kit, brought chocolate to class. See the lovely combination of Chocolate and Strawberries? Haha. Everyone sure gain weight. Not to miss the lovely Miss Sheila sharing her piece with Mr Ravi =P
Miss Sumitha, my study skills teacher ate a piece of chocs too =)
Last saturday was fun. Class had a break with the cupcakes Shu Yen brought. yummy again. HAHA. The less fun bit was the hot-cond we had to suffer.. for around 20 minutes only. Luckily.. That make-up class la. haha. Ended the class with photo taking and they all went to have Hokkien Mee in Balik Pulau. Cyn's house there. Haha. I did not went cos have to eat with Noel and my brother. We had Sushi King and tomyam. Yummy! I ate a lot these days. Gained weight already. =/

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It has been a long time since I last posted. Blame my working schedule and laziness.

*********FUCK IT***********

Accidentally press delete for my whole entire paragraph. Now you'll never know how I feel.
Just summarise it all then.
First, I changed. Which is good. I think. I am not a negative thinker now. Guess that's because we grow and we got matured? It's a good thing, right? I don't cry like how I used to when I fall, well not like last time that's for sure.
I have no trouble sleeping now. Doesn't need a lullaby to put me to bed now. I just need a clear mind. Clear and positive thinking mind. Now how did this miracle happen to me? God knows. =)
And the happiest of all is I finally figured out what I want. Is creating joy for others. Maybe that is why I wanna be a wedding planner. And no, '27 Dresses' did not gave me any influence. I dislike that movie anyway.

Enough of my thoughts, it's probably not important or God doesn't want me to share them with others as I accidentally deleted the post earlier. So yeah, me myself will know.

Glad that I am a happier mortal now =) yay?
Not good that today my mind's disturbing.
I will always, well not always ; found out something that is hiding away from me. Was meant to hide from me and when I got to know them, it's ALWAYS a hurtful one. Not a jovial one. Why? I kept asking deep within. *blank for a while*
Nope. No answer to that. Today was SUPPOSE to be happy joyous day. But my heart is feeling rather blue. Started off my day with opening my eyes, my Mom was on my left.
Yup. We slept together. Dad went outstation with his Boss for a week. Missing him so much =(
I dislike absence of somebody from a family too long. It's like a gap that needs to be closed back.

Then later on I went to e-Gate for lunch with Mom and Brother. We ate Sushi King. It was awesome. Until I found out something. Well, skip that.
Then turned moody already. I was so naive. Even offer to buy. Haha.
Moving on, went Facebook-ing and see lots of happy faces. Happy-faces-of-people-I-cared-for.
Yesterday's Reunion. So happy to see everyone's huge grin on their faces. They made my day. It's as though it was my birthday. Haha. I want that. People I love surrounding me just this one time of the year. Don't have to be vacant for other days. Just this one day. Or Christmas. God knows why I love Christmas so much. So really looking forward to those June and September and December Reunions. They don't have to pay all the attentions to me. Just put smiles on their faces will do.
That's the best present I could've asked for. And of course, some wishes would be appreciated =)

That wrapped up my day.
Oh this was suppose to be my last working day. I felt my heavy heart wishing to come back again. It is hard to let go of something that you put much effort to go to it everyday. Yup. Everyday. Skip the off day that is. Mom said work is only for money. Sorry Mom. I don't think this way. Working is much more than the money I will obtain. It's about whether you enjoyed the work or not. The atmosphere. the people whom u work for and with. The people you meet during, before and after. The experience you gain. The love for it. The enthusiasm. The passion. (Just like wedding planning)
Oh I've mentioned about being a wedding planner before I accidentally delete my earlier post. So yeah. Do you think I can work it out? Most people tend to work well for it but when it comes to their own. Whoa~ They can screw it real bad. And I really don't want that to be me. I am selfish, yes.
I want everything to go well. From career to money-making (my husband and I) ; to great health; to happiness; to being able to have obedient children of my own. Wow! I am thinking way too ahead. Until my children . Yes, I do fantasize a lot. What harm can it be? =)
That's how I define happiness. Everything goes well. Don't have to be rich and famous. Just plain family, great friends to keep, average house, good and loving husband. Mom scolded me for being too 'cincai'. Sometimes I cannot say NO to people. So ended up me myself being hurt or suffer. Haha. What to do? My nature.

That's all for today. Hopefully I would be a little more hardworking to blog about Me, my Life more often. Have a great night ahead readers! <3

P.S: Not looking forward for dinner

Friday, January 29, 2010

Today is like any other ordinary days. Gloomy all the while. Don't know why. My colleagues cannot tahan me going around correcting their grammar;etc. Haha. I know. I ain't so smart also wanna correct people gok =.=' haha. Anyways. I did it because I know they won't mind and I was just trying to help. Not to show off. Really. Don't get me wrong kay. =P

People like my tattoo. Especially the one on the neck. =D creedits to Cyn! She picked the neck. I picked the face. Lyn picked the hand! Haha. Miss the times in Genting already. Great times flies. Fast. Hmm~ tomorrow is the 30th already. Wow. Fast. Time really FLIES. Should I be happy or sad? Don't know. My colleagues are worrying about achieving their quota. Haha. 30 sales per month. Not easy kay. But if there's great bargains then different story le. But now apa pun takda. =(
Good luck la you all =)

Miss my friends really. Miss school. Missing everything. Felt so old already when i left school. Sigh. oh oh Thaipusam is here. Another festive seasons. I always liked festive seasons! Except the jams. But I like jam tarts. =D I know. Lame. =P

Still haven't shop for new year's clothes. =( no time, no money. Pay is coming! syok d. haha. Can spend on clothes and also undang. =0
Talk about undang. Taking it on next wednesday with I-Lyn. Haha. Day off! Cannot rest. Sorry Che. Cannot out with u ade. Gotta go for undang =(
But don't worry. We have tonnes of time! hehe. Owh and Che bought me dresses! haha. So nice la. I gave her shoes and a spaghetti strap blouse. I cannot wear. Too loose. It fits on her perfectly! =) and I bought chocs for her. =D We all love chocs! Agree? =)

Looking forward to next Wed. Really wanna finish it up asap. Cos I know listening to undang can be super boring and long. But luckily i have Lyn with me =)
Wanna finish it fast! =P

And pussycat, if u're reading this..tell me when u're free! If u can give ur timetable that would be awesome! haha. I can find u easily. Might just pop in front of u in Disted! and yeah, talk about Disted, I don't know which path to walk still. Omg. Its already so near.

I wish I know what to do

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

this is for in the mean time. a lot more. =DDD

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Genting =)

people I'm back! went to Genting for 3 days 2 nights! =)
we had a blast there! pictures will tell. will upload right after!

Day 1..
Cynthia, I-Lyn, Pei Ying and I was all so sleepy and we had to drag ourselves up to this funtastic trip! hehe. I reached there the latest =( I thought I was gonna be late but luckily I wasn't. =) haha. so we went up the bus at around 7.15am. stupid blogger so lagg til can't upload pictures. hmph. really testing my patience. anyways. pictures later. next post. so we had our lunch at Batang Kali first at 12pm before going up the hill =)
then when we reached Genting, we need to check-in our room in the tour counter. so we sat there for about an hour. haha. Cyn and I went to buy marshmallow dipped chocoloate! yum! you know la Cyn and her marshmallow(mashi maro). haha. tu tu ho there's four in a stick. so everybody had one! ^^ four is a good number. later on its already our turn so we went up to our room. =)
Lyn's mom and Cyn said de must follow the rules of hotel rooms (esp. Genting hotel rooms) so we knocked three times, went in, took off our shoes and kicked them everywhere (the messier the better). then we on all the lights, flushed the toilet bowl, on the water tap, and I said 'let us stay for 2 nights only'. well, something like that. haha. fun doing it though. then after unpacking and making ourselves comfy, we headed down to the first world plaza and shopped. *pictures tell* we went to try on some red shirt. haha. nice la but Pei Ying said too low cut de so ended up didn't buy. but I bought the shirt that says, 'I LOVE MUSIC'. they said don't want so i buy only lo. then took picture of the 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' thing in front of the casino. we tried to go in but at last don't dare. scared kena shoo. paiseh nia later. since we looked so young *ahem*
then we go makan. *pictures tell*
the hot rock that me and Lyn ordered practically burnt everybody! haha. not the really burn le but its like bubble somehow (I don;t know how to say) haha.
then we went back to our room. Pei Ying didn't wanna apply the tattoo we bought. so only Cyn Lyn and me did. haha then the fun begins again! Uno Stacko! haha. we laughed like what nee cos Cyn always dropped the block. haha. 5 times k! Lyn and I win most =P

Day 2..
Pei Ying woke up earliest again. haha. so she went to bathe and wake the rest of us. as usual, Lyn is the last. =P
then Pei Ying mama made tuna bread for us for breakfast! yummy! she sat on the edge of the bed and fell. haha. so funny la sit also can fall from bed. then I put plaster for her. *picture tell*
then Theme Park time! oh I think I forgot to mention the time we woke up. it's 7.30am. and dilly-dally still we reached the earliest to buy Theme Park tickets =))
went there at about 8.40am. still not opened. so we walked around chilling ourselves. =D finally we get to go in already =)
we played Merry-go-round first! first game and still morning ma.. so didn't wanna start with the extremes. =D next Pei ying and I played Spinner. haha funny la cos Lyn and Cyn took pictures of two Lalas. LOL. then we played Pirate Ship. not scary at all. It dint went high enough. cos there were so little people and it was too early I guess. then we played Go Kart! no need to line up wan so syok. the helmet so smelly >.< luckily got shower cap. but still! yuk! then the extreme begins! Cockscrew! not really scary la actually. cos the scary part only some parts nia can't remember how many though. then we went to paddle boats. fun la cos it was relaxing and romantic! haha. aherm. we went underneath the bridge. =))
then we went to queue up at the Bumper Boat. first queue kay. cos other rides tak payah queue wan. nevermind la. so we took some Lala pictures. funny la. Pei Ying taught us how to do it. but we were so bad at it. =.=' haha. that means we're not Lala!! yay!! but the pictures are not to be soon. P & C. =P
we got a little wet during Bumper Boat though. then we went for Rolling Thunder Mines Train! name also so long. Pei Ying calls it Rolling Thunder whereas I always say Mines Train. but it actually meant the same ride. so we always got mixed up. humph. haha, Lyn said that was scariest for her wor. don't know cos we din't get to ride Spaceshot. it was under service. I was scared for that ride the MOST. haha. mana tau under service. Cyn wanted to ride it. hmmm~ don't worry Cyn. there's always a next time! wanted to play Rock Climbing but don't know why nobody is there and there is no sign of saying under service of whatever pun. so sad la.. then it's makan time! ^^ I always liked makan time =P haha. maybe because the weather is cold and I got hungry real fast =.=' Lyn pulak diarrhoe and I pulak constipate. haha. end up both also went to toilet. Pei Ying said Geli la yerr yerr etc. Pei Ying u dont pangsai wan ar?? dui!
then later on went back into the Theme Park, when we walked pass the entrance, the person was busy talking and didnt even realised we were walking pass. ish! we are legally walking in wan but nobody checked. if illegally they didnt check then syok la! haha. anyways, took pictures with Mr.Energiser. haha. lame? Pei Ying's idea. then there's this group of tourists wanted to take picture with us. mainly because of our tattoo *proud* =D then we also asked him to take for us la. we went to Mushroom Land! mana tau only fake mushroom there nia. I thought got real mushrooms growing there or something. =D oh well.. then cam-whore! went to play the stupid throw-and-get-a-prize game. so many people got the bear and we got 0! hmm. Cyn don't worry ur boy boy will buy for you ^^
we went to ride the Flying Elephant thingy. and Flying Airplane too. me and Pei Ying got a spoilt one at first. the thing just won't go down. up there nia. haha. then we queued up for Cyclone! that was the first roller coaster in Malaysia =)
there's this foreigner came to talk to us.. friendly guy. from London but originated from India (I think). mainly cos of our tattoo again. haha. they said its nice =)
and one of them asked me if I am scared he volunteered himself to sit with me. like it will help =.=' and I said I'm not scared la =.='
next we went to ride Dragon Boat! then went to Chocolate Land! haha. took picture with the Clock and rabbit and etc. haha. then walk and walk to Highlands Hotel. went to play the dizzy mia game. Teacup. I never liked that game =(
so told Cyn not to spin the cup. haha. then took pictures of love birds! =)
took picture of Lyn and the parrot. it stated there. 'NO CAMERA ALLOWED'. haha! then Cyn bought ice-cream and shared with Pei Ying. chocolate and mint. I don't like Mint! haha. then went to Dinosaur Land. =) nice and COLD there. really that cold. we were all hugging each other kay. haha. FUN also at the boat and the Cave. =) dinosaurs. while queue-ing up time there's this baby looking at Lyn and smile. so cute!! *picture tell*
i tried to feed Lyn's bread to the fishes but they didn't wanna eat =(
haha. it's hugging time again! real misty up there. wanted to view the telescope mana tau need coins. 'Nothing is free in this world' =D
then took pictures on the bridge! =)
then went to ride Ferris Wheel. yup. cold. hugs again! =)))
before we wanna be shoo-ed (Pei Ying's idea), we ended our days in Theme Park with the FIRST ride we rode. yep! Merry-go-round! I think I missed out some games that I didn't say le. haha. okok. I know u guys are bored already. pictures time! it's killing time too. so slow T.T

Saturday, January 23, 2010

had yee sang today. haha. I know.. early ones.. =) anyways.. gonna head to Genting soon d.. tomorrow.. heheh.. just now saw Renee. her hot momma isn't here. aww~ =P
I just realised that I promised to post up pictures here but I didnt! blame the memory card reader and blame my dear! haha.. in God's will.. someday I will =P
anyways.. nothing much today lar.. just work and work. didn't go to salon today to perm my hair.. I feel I want my hair to have its natural style ler. and also.. my poor butt will suffer if I had to sit for 4 hours =(
haha. so as usual. nothing much ler. packed my things d.. hope I did not left out anything.. haha. if I do, cham la Genting's stuff super expensive! =(

<3 u